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At Lemonade Beach our team is your team. You will always have a dedicated contact point, but rest assured you are also backed by a collaborative team fully equipped to give the best advice.

We know that to get the best results we need to be seen as part of your team. We love nothing more than seeing you succeed and helping you make more of your business and are your biggest cheerleaders.


Hiya, I’m Cameo.

Before you ask, apart from it being bestowed on me at birth, there’s no special family heritage in my name and hopefully you’ll allow me to have more than a ‘cameo appearance’ in your business journey.

I first started working in accountancy way back at the turn of the 21st century, initially doing bookwork for a business consultant’s client base. The role was very autonomous and I quickly learnt how to manage workflow, travel between clients and balance that with my undergrad uni study. I later moved on to work for several boutique accountancy firms where I learnt all I could from partners and work colleagues.

When I finished my undergrad commerce degree I took the usual ‘rite of passage’ of a working holiday in the UK. Here I got an insight into the corporate world, working roles in various industries including Telco, Publishing and Medical Research.

Upon returning to Australia I headed back into Public Practice Accounting and dived into completing my professional qualifications with Chartered Accountants. Still learning everything I could from those around me, I changed firms a few times and made a ‘tree change’ to regional Queensland where I eventually took on a role managing the accounting department of a boutique firm. It was a fantastic and challenging learning experience that exposed me to management of staff, workflows, product development, public speaking and of course continuing to serve client needs.

My clients ranged from start-ups to multi-million dollar businesses in varying industries. Many were continuously innovating and doing exciting things in their business and I loved going on site and really getting to understand how their business worked. I found that with greater understanding of the intricacies of their business I could offer better solutions to problems, however having been in the accounting space for over a decade I felt like I needed to expand my skillset too. So, I enrolled in an MBA and opened my mind to possibility.

I wanted to do something more than the traditional public practice role, our industry was being disrupted by emerging technology, clients were continuing to be dissatisfied with compliance only accountants, and as an accountant I wanted more than compliance work. I wanted to be able to truly help businesses succeed, to be able to recognize needs outside of finance and accounting and have sufficient knowledge and networks to assist and really make a difference.

I love simplifying the complex (many say this comes naturally to me) and finding the easiest yet most effective way through a situation, problem or opportunity. New technology, disruption and out-of-the- box-thinking gets me excited about possibilities and my best (and sometimes wackiest) ideas come in the shower or on mindless (or mindfulness) beach walks. I continue to learn every day from books, blogs, clients, colleagues and the world around me.

My Specialties include:

  • Formulation and implementation of business strategy
  • Management accounting systems and performance analysis
  • Establishment and monitoring of KPIs
  • Systemising internal tasks to drive efficiencies
  • People and leadership development programs
  • Government taxation requirements and advice including business structures

Hi! I’m Lauren!

To give you a bit of my background. I’ve worked mostly in public practice in Australia since 2001 with a UK stint as a Management Accountant for a subsidiary of Shell Oil for 2 years. This role provided a great insight into the corporate world, with a period of time covering the Finance Manager’s role also (my upline), work with a team of 4 key staff and approximately 30 others. I was given the ability to make improvements to systems, liaise with external businesses and was responsible for all Management Accounting reports for 3 areas.

My public practice role was as a Senior Accountant with an allocated group of clients. These clients ranged from small businesses and start-ups right up to those with turnovers of $10m+. I was privileged to be able to watch and be a trusted advisor for a number of businesses from inception to multi-million turnovers. The lessons I learned during this time have been invaluable and assist me to guide the businesses we work with today.

I’ve also been on the front foot of business with my husband’s small business in trades & services. At one point with 7 full time staff and moving the business to New Zealand for 2 years – with a full home reno & 2 additions to our family thrown in there to keep things challenging. This experience running a small business, dealing with staff, government agencies and red tape, paper work, advertising, clients and even accountants provides me with the knowledge and understanding I need to assist my clients on their journey’s.

So why move out on my own when I had a secure position and great clients to work with? Simply because I felt I could do more for my clients. I wanted to create something unique and to fill the gap we saw in the advisory and accounting space. Traditionally Accountants will want the bigger clients, those who have money to spend on services and are happy to pay someone else to take care of things. However, what I saw was many small businesses struggling because they couldn’t afford the help and advice they needed, even for the basics. Many times this would cost them more in the long run. Some would get the advice but then struggle to pay the fee as they had to divert funds from advertising or business growth to a hefty advisor fee. It was frustrating and disheartening, but when you work for someone else you need to play by their rules. My passion is to provide services and products to assist these businesses to thrive. Small business is integral to the Australian & world economy and if we don’t assist these businesses to grow we are missing amazing opportunities.

Naturally we need to make a living too so we can’t do it all for free (although there is a plethora of valuable free information in our blogs). So, we came up with our model of creating low cost, yet value packed products and fixed priced services with a varying range to assist businesses as they grow.

My aim is to empower business owners with knowledge and skills to be able to make solid business decisions and utilise their advisors & other specialists for strategy that sees results. To build a solid network of quality professionals to assist businesses to thrive and owners to be able to do so without compromising too much of their lifestyle. I’d love you to join us on this journey!

My areas of expertise include:

  • Business Structuring & Tax Planning/minimisation
  • Working with clients to establish ways to monitor and grow their business including but not limited to budgets, cashflows and KPIs
  • Assisting clients to find efficiencies in their systems and processes, to streamline tasks to get them time back to spend in other areas of their business and life.
  • Preparation of financial statements and other compliance work including income tax, payroll tax and fringe benefits tax.

What’s in our hearts?

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