Why Us?

Want someone who cares about your business no matter what your size? We’re on the same page!!

Why Us?

Want someone who cares about your business no matter what your size? We’re on the same page!!

As employees in accountancy firms for over a decade we had seen the gradual change of the industry due to technology. These changes excited us as they meant that we could do more ‘interesting’ work with clients rather than focusing on tax compliance. We had also observed many businesses not seeking advice due to ‘fee fear’ or being somewhat ignored by firms as they were ‘too small’. Often, there were clients we wanted to help but couldn’t as it was outside of firm policy.

Needless to say, we were both frustrated.

In late 2015 we formed Evolve Business Advisory with the purpose of being different. It wasn’t long and we realised we were only half doing the job. We were still mainly focused on accounting projects and our costings weren’t transparent enough. So we evolved…into Lemonade Beach.

Lemonade Beach is an advisory firm for all businesses. We are focused on building products that empower business owners to confidently engage with their financial data, build strategy into business processes and make sound and informed decisions. We utilise technology to drive down delivery costs, build internal efficiencies for both ourselves and our clients and speed up business decision making. We still deliver accounting services however these are unbundled from advisory so that clients have the flexibility to maintain their relationship with their current compliance accountant if they wish.

Relationships are a key focal point at Lemonade Beach, we recognise that the best results come from a client-centred approach and open communication. As such, we maintain regular communication with all clients and associates to ensure we’re always on the front foot and ready
to assist where needed.

What’s in our hearts?

We run our business on six carefully selected values that guide how we do everything. Every internal and client-facing decision is tested against these values to ensure we remain constant and true to the heart of our brand.

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